100 Things About Me (Updated!)

Inspired by many blogs that I have visited, here are many, many, many things about me. Probably it could help you to know and understand or have a new perspective about who I really am. It has also helped me to contemplate about my personality psychologically. You can try it too. Instead to make it as a post, I decided to write it as a page separately. So, fasten your seatbelt! ^ ^

  1. I’m androgyny, have both feminine-masculine appearances (and sometimes, thoughts. My minds even often fight between feminine point-of-view and masculine point-of-view), probably because I have an athletic-slender-boyish-shaped body (err… whatever). I have old friends (boys and girls, but mostly, girls) who told me that how I would be if I were a boy (the girls also told me that it would be cool if I were a boy!). Hahah, no thanks, I’m a girl and I’m straight, thank you. P
  2. My first name is Rizki, which means “blessing”. It’s a unisex name.
  3. I like to sleep in a cold room with a thick blanket and my feet sticking out of the blanket.
  4. I like dark colours, esp. dark blue and black, because… they are dark, cool, and elegant.
  5. I’m a free-spirited person. I don’t like being ‘caged’ or stuck because of unimportant rules made by someone who is unimportant too. But, anyway, I know what I want to do after considered about right or wrong for myself and someone else.
  6. I hardly enough to wake up in the early morning and I like quietness in the morning.
  7. I also like quietness in the night so I always turn off my cellphone at night.
  8. I’m an anglophile, or often use an English-British spelling when I write in English (not English-American), like ‘colour’ instead of ‘color’, ‘favourite’ instead of ‘favorite’, and ‘centre’ instead of ‘center’. And I like to listening British accent.
  9. My favourite sport is running, yoga, workout and fitness (I’ve tried ice skating recently, and…  Whoo-hoo! I’m a fast learner!). Basically, I always wanted to try almost all sports and I have spirit for that, but in many cases I can not do some of them because of the hard technique and my less time. I also like swimming but I’m still an amateur.
  10. I spent almost my whole life with short hair. And I feel comfort with short hair because I can combing it only with my fingers.
  11. I like smart-cool-sporty-athletic guy with healthy life. I (usually) can ‘turn on’ (I actually don’t really like this term… Hahah) to this type of guy, included open-minded healthy guy who is gentlemen and I can discuss about many topics (particularly books, films, and musics) with and… Guys who can and like to cook! (Because I myself can not cook) A guy who cook for me is far more cool, attractive n romantic than a guy who give me flower or something unuseful. ^ ^
  12. I’d prefer bicycle than motorcycle to ride.
  13. I’d prefer to walk than using public vehicles when the road is not long enough for me to go through.
  14. I like to read food recipes in order to know about the proteins and calories (esp. dietary meal), but I can’t cook. Well, recently, I cook (sometimes) because of my vegetarian and low-carbo diet (it’s going quite well).
  15. I reduce junk food, don’t eat four-legged animals, and trying to be a vegetarian-lacto-ovo but still need protein from fish and chicken. I love vegetables, all kinds (especially green vegetables!). I really love a bowl of healthy salad from Pizza Hut.
  16. I don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol. I often hardly breathe and feel dizzy (even sometimes wanna puke!) if I surrounded by smokes, which means that I don’t like to be nearly someone who is smoking.
  17. I never want to go to the night club for social things. I’d better prefer go to the gym.
  18. I read Fitness magazine.
  19. I’m a very spiritual person, but not religious enough. ^ ^
  20. My favourite classical composer is Ludwig van Beethoven.
  21. I like martial arts and I like to watch people practice martial arts. I concern about self-defence for women and I used to practice judo for a year and a half in university. Somehow and someday, I planned to focus in one martial art as a part of my life, but I still haven’t found the way yet right now.
  22. I often worry about many things. I actually have many symptoms of O. C. D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  23. I’m allergic to shrimp and dust.
  24. I’d like to describe myself as a very cool person.
  25. I’m not comfortable to show or express some mimics or enthusiasms and what I feel in front of people or even someone who I know well, like my family.
  26. But, sometimes I do some silly and freaky things when I get nervous.
  27. My jokes or comments are often deep and cynical/sarcastic at the same time (and I often say it with straight face) just in a short sentence, and I don’t know why. It’s always reflex. Well, it depends on the situation, I think. Cuz I also like to throw some smart jokes.
  28. I’m not a romantic girl, only melancholic as a thinker and intuitiver.
  29. I describe my style as casual-sporty, not tomboy. But my style sometimes can be defined as emo because of my casual black outfits though it’s not in an extreme way.
  30. I like to wear sneakers. I can not comfortly walk if I wore high-heels or some girly shoes.
  31. I am able to daily speak and write English pretty well, my highest English Proficiency Test or EPT (TOEFL prediction) score is 538 (valid until June 2011) with Higher Intermediate level in speaking, and still working on to get more score.
  32. I used to learn Japanese when I was in high school, but there’s no good progress and until now I only know few words, so I prefer to learn German as my other foreign language and I’ve got a better progress than Japanese.
  33. I prefer to learn German because I adore Beethoven and multilingual-German actor, Daniel Bruhl (this guy is able to speak 5 different languages!).
  34. I like to have my own time (what I meant is, only me, myself, and I) about 2 hours everyday (mostly to think or write). It’s a must!
  35. I don’t mind being alone if I had to.
  36. I like sunset moment.
  37. I’d prefer tea than coffee.
  38. I believe it takes a long time to know a person. Thus, I can not close to someone before I know her/him well. And I’m the type of person who can see sincerity from someone’s eyes and personality. When I’m talking with someone, I always look into her/his eyes.
  39. Sometimes I feel that I’m a freak or nerd.
  40. I’m a logical person and sometimes skeptic and defensive.
  41. Not the type of easy-to-fall-in-love-person. I actually don’t really trust in love right now. But, I think if I found my soulmate someday, I’d love him sincerely with all my heart (hohoh… that’s so deep… ^ ^).
  42. I like philosophy. Hate mathematic.
  43. I’m a conspiracy theory and espionage freak. That’s why I like movies with espionage or secret agent in them. I also like epic-fantasy-adventure-superhero movies.
  44. I wanna be like wine. Ya know, like, as you’re getting older and older, you’ll become more and more and more charismatic, elegant, confidence, comfortable, mysterious and attractive. Not physically, of course, but it tends to your personality, aura and inner beauty.
  45. I adore Christian Bale and Sam Worthington as my favourite actors because of their acting talents, personalities, and profesionalisms.
  46. I adore Jennifer Garner and Maria Sharapova as my influencer to get the fit and strong body.
  47. I wore braces for two years. Okay, I like the result. And now, I wear retainers almost every night.
  48. What I like most about my appearances are my athletic shoulders, my tall/athletic/androgyny figure (I’m 164 cm tall—-it’s tall enough for Southeast-Asian girl—-with narrow waists!), my light-yellow skin, n my short messy hair! (Ahahah…! Narcism mode: ON). But what rather annoying about my appearances are my eyes-bags (sometimes you can see the dark-circles there when I get so tired. It’s the only thing that force me to buy n wear some cosmetics products… Just for treatment care, not make-up!) and my abs (don’t get me wrong, I actually have flat abs… But, it’s just driving me crazy when I eat so many meals while I don’t have time to do abs-workout such as sit-ups/crunches in about 3 days! Hahah…! I’m a fitness freak, aren’t I?).
  49. When I was a kid I never dreamt or imagined about being a bride because I often fought boys. And I’ve ever planned to never married in my life when I was in high school. Right now, I wisely think that I actually skeptic of marriage because I haven’t found the guy who’s gonna be my real soulmate someday yet.
  50. See? I’m an idealist. And, oh, if I had to married, I want black titanium ring as my wedding ring and I’d wear Gothic dark-ripped-gown with smokey-eyes make-up at my wedding. Hahah… Well, it’s a half joke-half truth…
  51. I love my life right now and feel comfort to be who I am. I never wanted to be someone else… unfortunately, some of my friends can not accept my dark side personality.
  52. When I am in the comfort and safe zone, I sometimes worry if everything would change.
  53. I don’t like white chocolate. I’d prefer dark chocolate or choco-nut.
  54. I only have a few closest friends.
  55. I only wear makeup for very special ocassions and if I really had to. Okay, now, I know the essential tools to make your face looks fresher without full make up: blush on (it’s very important, especially when you have chubby cheeks!), sheer lip balm, and powder.
  56. I like cats. My family used to have many of them as a part of our family.
  57. I used to play video game console at my pre-teen until teen age. Nintendo and PlayStation.
  58. I’m a Moslem, but I don’t agree polygamy when some people (usually men) take that chance for unlogical reasons (ironicly, society said that men have logical minds) such as “falling in love again” or “because I have so much money” or just for his damn sexual needs or to spent his leisure times. I think polygamy was a precise system only in the past. Now, as a matter of fact, the age is different from the past and I’m not sure that polygamy is a good solution. Well-educated women can survive and take care of themselves, thank you. And men must become a gentlemen who respect women’s brain and not claim women only as a sexual object or breeding machine (mwahahah…!). Anyway—come on, don’t be hypocrite—nobody wishes to see his lover making out with someone else. I’d prefer to never married in my life than have a polygamous marriage. And no doubt, they are poor men with no qualities when they don’t have any smart brains, hobbies or talents beside being a ladiesman and only expert in bed. It’s not sexy at all. Well, but I won’t disturb anyone who chooses polygamy in his/her life, I mean, it’s not my business anyway.
  59. Waiting without doing anything is really boring.
  60. I’m a Taurus-Rat-Wood. I’m sometimes egoist, often stubborn, self-centered, and free-spirited person.
  61. So, if someone pisses me off or betrayed me, in some serious cases and circumstances I would be great angry and would kick her/his ass or do revenge.
  62. I used to hate money, esp. after my father’s death. But now, after I have a job, I really respect money.
  63. I really wanted to go abroad. I’d love to go to Singapore, England, New Zealand, German, Italy, France, and Japan. But, when will I get the chance and money…?
  64. I like to take a nap.
  65. When I was in the kindergarten, my IQ score was 133. I think the score is gone down since then. ^ ^
  66. I often burp loudly.
  67. Don’t like talking too much (esp. about something unimportant). I’d like to say something straight to the point.
  68. I’d prefer to sleep than much talking. Yeah, I think I’m lazy… I’d sleep all day if I could. P
  69. I usually read fiction but I have enjoyed some non fiction books.
  70. I enjoy writing and had finished an idealist-adventure-fantasy novel (about 500 pages) but I kinda shy to show or publish it. I think I’m gonna write another novel with easy-reading topic to start my writing career.
  71. I’ve ever wrote some poems and songs. But love topics were never ended up into good results. My poems are usually about naturalism, philosophy, and dark emotion.
  72. I’d prefer werewolves than vampires. In fact, I think I’m obsessed with werewolves! They represent agressiveness, coolness, and muscular posture… Hahah… They look strong n fit. Plus, they also represent loyality, love, n passion cuz of their monogamous relationship. It sounds like the collaboration of hot n cold… Hahah.
  73. I don’t wear any jewelry. But I sometimes like to wear emo-casual or sporty accessories.
  74. I read all Harry Potter book series (in Indonesian version).
  75. I’ve watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy movies more than ten times. I read all the books (Indonesian and English version) including The Hobbit (only in Indonesian version). But I haven’t read The Silmarillion yet.
  76. I’ve had changed my old cellphone in 2008 since I bought it in 2002. I was thinking and considering many times before change it. It was so hard to separate with it. And now, I use BlackBerry Curve 8520, got it from doorprize at my office and gave my 2nd cellphone to my young sis. It was really hard (again) since I bought it with my first salary from my first job. See? I’m a loyal person… heheh. ^ ^
  77. I graduated from Padjadjaran University-Communication Science Faculty, majored in Information and Library Science with cumlaude predicate.
  78. I’ve planned to continue my study to the next level in different major.
  79. Education is very important to me. I don’t know how to survive without it.
  80. After my father’s death, I believe that women should have high education or even job independently for living and survive and not depend only on her own father/husband/men.
  81. My goal? Well, to organize my life (I think that’s always my goal!)
  82. My favourite kind of music is so complex. I like classical music, also emo-punk-rock-hardcore. But, sometimes I like new age and easy listening music too. I also like hip-hop music, especially when I workout my dance fitness routine.
  83. I used to play keyboard at home. I sometimes miss it when I get homesick. I also play pianica.
  84. Wanna know a secret? I’ve ever joined a band when I was in college and became a vocalist and the only girl in the band. The band only survived for a year.
  85. The genre of the music we play was rock-pop and alternative, such as songs of The Cranberries, The Corrs, Liquido, La Luna, Saybia, and some anime soundtracks.
  86. I joined choir and vocal group when I was in junior high and high school and often participated competitions. We often won for our school.
  87. My voice is alto, especially when it’s paired with girls’ voices. But, my voice can be sopran when it’s paired with men’s voices. Geesh, even my voice is androgyny!
  88. I’ve ever learned guitar, but I given up. Now I only know some basic tabs or chords for rhythm guitar. And now I actually adore Brian “Synyster Gates” Elwin Hanner, Jr. from Avenged Sevenfold as my favourite and best guitarist ever (including his new haircut since self-titled album in 2007… hahah)!synystergates-with-schectersynysterguitar
  89. I used to draw comics or mangas when I was in high school.
  90. I’ve ever studied visual-design for one semester.
  91. I think I’m creative. Probably because I’m not comfortable expressing myself emotionally.
  92. So, music, sport, art, books, languages, cultures, philosophy, and movies are my interests. And I really wish to have a life partner who has the same interests as mine. Well, for me, life partner = business partner.
  93. I can tell you the difference between pornography and art based on some theories while I see or read some achievement made by artists, probably because I’m an open-minded person, art-design lover, and I’ve ever studied visual design. I think we can not claim quickly that some arts are pornography, and also on the contrary. But I don’t know what’s on men’s thought about what I thought. I’m sure it would have different perspectives to everyone because of the different backgrounds (such as education, knowledge, social, culture, gender, religion, etc.).
  94. I’ve ever learned ballet when I was 6 while I lived in Jakarta. But, after 5 times rehearsal, I quited.
  95. I wanted to meet aliens and kidnapped by them when I was a kid. P
  96. I’m in the middle of two sisters. Many people says that the middle-child is often awkward, and I think they’re right. ^ ^
  97. I’ve ever felt very depressed about 6 months in mid-year 2006 (after my father passed away. It turned complicated in some dramatic family business and it sucked!). It felt like being rejected by the world outside. My Chemical Romance’s songs esp. which the titled is Helena was like very describing what I felt at that moment. It was dark and lost. But I did write my 500 pages novel (as therapy) until it finished. And now I realize that I probably have a death-possessed (probably as Gerard Way do because of the death of his grandmother) and I really love funeral scenes in films, movies, or music videos though I’d be scared to death to attend some funerals ever since.mcr-emo-cool
  98. I adore Fernando Torres as my favourite soccer player. I know him at the first time months before he played in World Cup 2006—a piece of light for my darkness after my father’s death. casual-torres
  99. I’m right-handed, but I often practise to write or do anything with my left hand.
  100. I don’t like rose or any kind of flower, but I like to see black rose in the music videos or films or movies… kinda weird for a girl, isn’t it?
  101. I’ve planned to enjoy my old life to having many cats and writing best-seller novels.

Well, the last number (no. 101) is a bonus… heheh… ^ ^


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