A New Beginning (About This Blog)

Hi, there! This is my other blog. I decided to write my new posts and keep updating in here. It’s because I think I have a new way to see the world now. I become more mature and wise (hopefully, heheh)… So it effects to the concept of my new blog here. But, I’m still the same person I used to be anyway… Still casual-sporty, androgyny girl, have an emo way in some cases, and so on. But, I feel kinda different now. Well, you can see in my posts later.

And I’m sorry for the entire of grammatical errors and all the bilingual (or unclearly multilingual) stuffs in here. My first language is Indonesian, and I’m Indonesian. I’m still improving my English and some German as my other language. Okay, just read my posts in this blog for a new catch…! And, oh… don’t forget to leave comments…!



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