Braces Off, Retainer, and Keep Blogging

I’m still alive, seriously! Finally, I can write again and I wanted to apologize for my M.I.A. (Missing In Action) for months, because I’ve been busy and stressed out (it has been almost 5 months since my latest post, huh?). Yeah, my job has been superhectic. It’s hard to find some times to contemplation and writing and do my own time, because all I wanted to do in my own time were just to go to bed and sleep. Seriously, I’m tired. I often went to office at Saturday for overtime and spent my weekends to help my auntie and my mum.

            I’ve been through some complicated family business when I went home for Ied Mubarak this year and it was probably the worst Ied ever in my entire whole life. And something scared has just happened. My aunt is diagnosed having breast cancer since about May. And she is having chemotheraphy process recently. She lost her hair and sometimes wear a wig. So, I was tired and not having a nice mood, and I freaked out so I was sick. I was wondering myself if I had to through the rest of my life with cancer. A lil bit like bipolar disorder, I think: I spent days with those thoughts and I was so scared and I felt like I couldn’t face the day. And all I could do was cry along. Btw, it was at my PMS cycle, actually. Is it normal? I think I need help. Do I have to go to psychiatrist? I got this typhoid symptoms again and maag last week because I stressed out with my life and my job! I’m still young, I know. I’m 27 years old but I have these old lady thoughts and it’s really scary.

            But now, I feel better actually, though my mood is still like a roller coaster sometimes. Btw, no more braces on my below teeth! It has been removed since 2 weeks ago. And I wear retainer on them rite now. But I still wear braces on my upper teeth and it’s almost done. Probably I had them off next month. Well, about this retainer, it’s kinda annoying on days at the office. So I only wear it at night when I go to bed and sleep and on the weekend and off days. I think it doesn’t matter as long as I consistent and discipline.

            And, oh, I use BlackBerry curve 8520 recently. I don’t buy it. I won doorprize at the office on Ramadhan. I won this BlackBerry. And it’s black, my fave colour. So I gave my old cellphone to my young sis. And, okay, I have this a lil bit change for my lifestyle. I often go to mall, but rare to buy something except grocery stuffs, that’s all.

            Okay, I also actually have been so active these months and no wonder I feel tired recently. I competed for Indonesia’s Independence Day at the office: futsal and tennis. And I actually really good at them, heheh. Well, not bad for a beginner. And I often play badminton recently and I join a band with office friends. I miss singing, really. And with my teeth and jaws condition rite now (ya know, after I lost 4 teeth and I have my new jaws performance), it really helps me to sing and do articulation and even vibran. I able to do some new vocal techniques.

Okay, that’s it. See ya then.

Wish me luck.

Peace for the world. XOXO.


~ by Rizki on September 20, 2011.

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