Finally, Lesschaotic is Hired!

Okay, finally I can say this rite now after waiting for such a long time: “Say hi to my new account!”

After I became a jobseeker for about 4 months, the time has come. I got a job. It’s a nice job with attractive salary. It’s really worthed to wait. And I’m an online freelancer too rite now, making money from the internet. Busy days ahead and I’m gonna miss my adventurous jobseeker days!

Not much to talk in here. Just an update from me. And, rite now I have a thing to a German young actor named Thore Scholermann, well, there’s an apostrophe such as umlaut or something in the O letter, and you have to say it with German accent which sounds sexy for me, hahah. And you have to say the first name, Thore, with E letter sound like you say “danke” or “bitte”. He’s so manly in an easy going way, he doesn’t need to become an extra athletic to look charming! The typical of German actor as long as I know. You can googling him or find him in wikipedia.

Wish me luck.


~ by Rizki on January 29, 2011.

One Response to “Finally, Lesschaotic is Hired!”

  1. ane bookmark ya gan 😀

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