TEKKEN Movie, Everyone?

Okay, I know about “the curse of video game-based-adaptation movie”. As far as I (and moviegoers/gamers) know, the one and only yang sukses adalah Resident Evil installments. So, about this movie, before I watched it, I already didn’t expect that much. But, browsed internet there are many reviews (or rumors?) yang beredar bahwa beberapa karakter yang memang gw suka bakal muncul di filmnya. Ternyata… Manaaaaaa???! Terutama Hwoarang, because this character is very unique and as far as I know, this character is the most favourite one in Tekken games. So I dunno if it’s official cast review or just a hoax. I’m very dissapointed… 😦

And the storyline… My God, it damages the real n video game’s original storyline! Haaakkh…! And I don’t think Jon Foo who portrays Jin Kazama is the right person to act that role. Okay, I know, in real life, he is a wushu practitioner or let’s just say, a martial artist. He appeared in many films as a fighter or sometimes as a stuntman. But, he is of Chinese-Irish decent (his full name is Jonathan Patrick Foo), grew up in London, and he has cute accent (hahah… Just watched his interview video on Youtube… You’ll see an Asian speaks English with British accent. He can’t even hide his accent in the movie!), which means… C’mon, Jin Kazama is a pure Japanese with intense-piercing eyes and tough jaws/facial and deep voice, not an Asian-Caucasian with soft dark brown eyes, handsome face, and cute accent. I’m sorry, Mr. Foo… But, your action and martial art moves are indeed brilliant in the movie. But, I dunno, he just doesn’t fit to Jin Kazama’s figure.

Jin Kazama n Christie Monteiro in the movie. See? He looks a bit more Caucasian than Asian. And, wtf, they both are fallin in love!

Well, I think Jon Foo is more suitable to portray Kyo Kusanagi in The King of Fighters movie (not Sean Farris! Hello? Sean Farris has no Asian decent!). What do you think? But, I heard news that he portrays Ryu in short movie Street Fighter: Legacy! It more suit him, I think…

Okay, enough talk about Jin. Next is about Hwoarang. Where is he???! In some blogs dah digembar-gemborkan seperti ini neh:

Jae Hee is a Korean actor who co-starred in Sassy Girl Chun Hyang series. He is a black belt in taekwondo. Udah pas banget kalo yang ini mah casting nya… Heuhuuu… 😦 (Although, gw gak terlalu mengikuti serial Asia kayak K-drama or J-drama gitu juga sih… Jadi kurang tau aktor-aktris Asia gitu deh…)

Hwoarang from Tekken 6 (oww, dah sampe 6 ya…?)

Hwoarang ini karakter yang urakan. Dia selalu berusaha mengintimidasi Jin dan selalu ingin mengalahkan Jin di setiap pertarungan (tapi dia selalu kalah. Hmm… Taekwondo vs Karate…?). Oh, Hwoarang…


~ by Rizki on June 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “TEKKEN Movie, Everyone?”

  1. Like this bangetlah..
    Di bebrapa forum juga banyak yang kecewa, Hwoarang & Xiaoyu banyak ditunggu-tunggu para fans sebenernya.

  2. I loved the movie. I never played tekken but watched it. I think it was awsome. my man however thinks there should of been moe characters from tekken that was better then the ones that was in the movie. Overall he liked the movie though

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