Life and Death. And Percy Jackson.

Baru-baru ini ada rekan kerja yang meninggal di usia 40 tahun (padahal sebulan lagi berulangtahun yg ke-41). Well, it makes me think about life and death… again. I often think about it since my dad died in 2006 (a month before his birthday too). I told you before that when your close person or your family member died, your life would never be the same again. It happens to me. Tapi mungkin ada beberapa faktor lain juga. You know, I’m in my twenty-something age. Most open-minded people said that it’s normal when in your twenties, you think and worry about your future life very often. I am facing that thing right now. And it’s very annoying sometimes.

Even when I meet my old friends, they often said that there are many differences in me compared with myself in my college year. Perhaps my style became darker… Hahah. But, I also get more thin. I lost almost 5 kg since graduation. I don’t really chubby anymore. And they recognized there is something different on my face. Well, I have these angry and sorrow eyes recently. Agony. That’s what you’ll see when you look into my eyes, I think.

Anyway, heran juga melihat orang-orang bisa dengan ringannya menertawakan kehidupan atau kematian. Seringkali mereka menggampangkan hidup. Apa mungkin karena mereka selalu dengan mudahnya mendapatkan apa yg mereka inginkan ya? While I don’t always get what I want. Gw juga melihat para bapak-bapak n ibu-ibu yang kemarin ini menertawakan kematian. Mungkin karena mereka telah banyak makan asam-garam dan melewati banyak pahit-manis kehidupan sehingga mereka sudah siap menghadapi kematian? Hahah. I don’t even know if that is a question or what. Maybe I’m too young too worry (hahah, lagunya A7X banget sih, Seize the Day). But, it could happen to anyone. Old and young.

Okay, by the way, I’ve watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief (ha! Big title for big movie!). Honestly, the movie really got me. I like the movie better than the book. It just makes sense. Teenagers who stuck in the adventure and battle of the gods… Not 12 years old kids (and honestly, there are less of chauvinism, less of westernism, less of racism… than the book.  Sorry. Kalo gak ngerti, baca dulu deh bukunya). I mean, this factor makes the movie become more action and needs many martial arts skills and also cute-hot-cool young actors to attract the moviegoers worldwide, which is great. But, perhaps the book fan would be rather dissapointed of these differences. And many of them discuss about Annabeth’s hair colour. The book describes that Annabeth’s hair is blonde, while in the movie Annabeth’s hair is dark brown. But, I think it’s a good thing while blonde is more precise to describe Aphrodite’s hair, not Athena’s. And Alexandra Daddario is the right actress to portray athlethic, smart,  blue-gray-eyed, kick-ass and battle-skilled Annabeth Chase. She did it great! Mungkin karena tatapan mata birunya emang tajam ya dan terlihat agak jutek. Heheh…

Btw, nemu pic para pemerannya yg terlihat ordinary people banget. Heheh. But Logan Lerman still looks handsome and beautiful (unfortunately, umurnya baru ajah menginjak angka 18. Hahah!).

And an official pic.

But, I actually have my own version of Annabeth Chase if in the movie her hair is blonde.

Carly Schroeder. She is athlethic n sporty, beautiful, has icy blue eyes and blonde hair. She was born on 1990 (while Logan Lerman was born on 1992. Yah, umurnya gak terlalu jauh kan? Soalnya banyak yg protes karena Alexandra lahir tahun 1986, terlalu jauh jika dipasangkan dengan Logan. Tapi namanya juga pilem. It’s their job as actors to convince the moviewatchers). I know her from the movie Gracie which she portrays a teenage girl who play soccer in the boys team. The movie really got me.

Btw, suddenly I’m thinking about why heroes/heroines often have some mental illness. You know, Percy Jackson is a demi-God while he has dyslexia and impulsive/hyperactiveness which become some kind of instinct and great reflex for battlefield skills. Elektra Natchios has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The main protagonist in Wanted movie (I forgot his name, the one who is portrayed by James McAvoy) has impulsive-depressiveness or anxiety which lead him to a great reflex. Hmm… I actually have many symptoms of O. C. D., anxiety, and impulsiveness. I wonder  if some adventures would come to entering my life ahead. Heheh. Btw, I took Percy Jackson’s official quiz from the official website. I took it twice and the result was the same. I’m the daughter of Hades!

Hahah. Just an update from me.

Peace for the world.

Listen to : Red Goodbye – My Everything


~ by Rizki on March 1, 2010.

One Response to “Life and Death. And Percy Jackson.”

  1. Ngomongin kematian nyambung ke Percy Jackson… hahaha… great things by the way…
    Orang bukanlah ingin mentertawakan kematian, mgkn itu cuma melepaskan diri dari sebuah rasa takut akan kematian itu sendiri.
    Terkadang org tidak mau membicarakan, padahal saat kematian itu bisa kapan saja… aneh juga… tapi ya mgkn itu tadi… mereka takut akan kematian….
    And for me, just be grateful for what I have today, for I don’t know what gonna happen next day, or maybe next minute…

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