Heart-breaking is not always connecting to romances. It’s not only about when Romeo lost his Juliet and on the contrary. It’s not about when your boyfriend/girlfriend left you or you both decided to go each own way at last in the end and then you cry on bed all day and night. It’s not only about when someone you love could not reply your feeling.

I’m a heart-breaking victim, seriously. But, what I’ve been through is not about those things above. First, I am not a Juliet and suicide because of love failure is not in my dictionary. Second, I don’t even have “serious” boyfriend ever in my life, not yet. I mean, not in a very serious commitment/relationship. And third, of course, I have ever felt very disappointed and heart-broken when guys I like did not response my feeling but I’ve never cried (I’m honest!) when that happened. And, actually there are more things that hurt than those things above. There are more painful experiences than those things above which for me, those things I mentioned before were only a little drama in your life tragedy (except the Romeo and Juliet thing, maybe… But, it’s just a literature anyway).

Heart-breaking is when you remember your golden times in the past. When there were much happiness and positive feelings than crisis and negative feelings that you felt. When you were surrounding by whole loving and caring people such as family members and friends you love. And in present, you lost those moments and you got nothing to come back to.

Heart-breaking is when you lost your favourite and beloved smart-cutie pet. In my case, it’s my cats.

Heart-breaking is when you feel a failure to reach your dreams or goals.

Heart-breaking is when you feel the world turns against and betrayed you.

Heart-breaking is when you lost someone in your family and still, after years go by, it’s complicated and you actually can’t completely move on.

Heart-breaking is when you feel that your life would never be the same again after someone died and often thinking about death ever since.

Heart-breaking is when you feel angry because of deeply sorrow and agony.

Heart-breaking is when you feel like you have no dreams at all anymore.

Heart-breaking is when you feel hard to enjoy your life anymore.

Heart-breaking is when you know the bad truth about someone close in his/her old lifetime. And after you knew it, it felt weird, like you were close to a stranger for all this time.

Heart-breaking is when you realized that you don’t have a perfect life and family (hahah. Who says life is perfect, huh?).

Heart-breaking is when you feel that you live and are walking alone in this world (I should say, You’ll Never Walk Alone. Hahah. YNWA!).

Heart-breaking is when your family and friends left you alone. And then you feel hard to open yourself and your heart to anyone else anymore.

Heart-breaking is when you are hard to making peace with anyone, especially with yourself.

Heart-breaking is when you work five times harder than anyone else but you rarely get your best results.

Heart-breaking is when people are counting on you or put you in charge while you are trying alone to do your responsibility and don’t have somebody to rely on and no one cares.

Heart-breaking is when you heard the masterpieces of your favourite classic composer of all time while he had a very tragic life during his lifetime. Rest In Peace, Ludwig van Beethoven!

Heart-breaking is when you found that sometimes great beauty can come out from and inspired by tragedy. You know: poetry, lyrics, songs, music, etc.

Yep. I’ve been through them. My hard times. Hahah, I’m actually glad I made this list. What is heart-breaking for you?

Listen to : Red Goodbye – Nothing To Come Back To


~ by Rizki on February 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Heart-breaking”

  1. Heart-breaking is when someone you trusted most is betrayed you.
    Heart-breaking is when you can’t speak what you want to say, because you’re not allowed to.
    Heart-breaking is when people always judge you by your single mistakes from the past, and it never change though you have change a lot.
    Heart-breaking is when you were this close to get what you dream of but it all swept away only in a blink of an eye.
    Heart-breaking is when you try so hard to someone understand you, but in the end, they never understand you, instead, they wanted to be understand by you.
    Heart-breaking is when everyone can talk to you about their problems, but you (yourself) doesn’t have any one to talked to.
    And it’s a heart-breaking when you finally realize that you always feels alone, even in the crowd.

    So sad, huh?

  2. Hooo… Okay, you got me… =)

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