Don’t Judge the Book by Its Cover

It’s a very classic term and I know y’all have heard about it already. I’ve been thinking about what people think when they are looking at me. Well, I actually never care about what people think or say about me, especially about what I wear, about my style. But, I hate when people are staring at me or say what they’re thinking about me right in front of me and though they never say it straight to the point, but what they mean is always about, “Come on, Girl, you’re so beautiful… So, change your style and become a truly lady!” AARRGGHH…! I really hate to hear that! I actually wanna answer, “WTF? You just said that I’m beautiful but also said that I’m not look like a girl? Hohoh… Watch me at home then! It’s even worse!” Hahah. I don’t do shop. I don’t buy girly clothes or girly shoes. I don’t have money to buy those stuffs (please understand, I’m not a happy rich girl! I have a stay-homed mom who is a widow, my dad is dead, and we have many financial problems. I have a younger sister who is still in college and I have to help and support her life. I have to save my money for our daily lives and future and my dental plan! And everyone at home is counting on me!). I can not afford them.  I always get to my work place and go home half by public vehicle and half by walk. My twenty-something life sucks. I don’t have much time to have fun with my friends, I’m skeptic, I’m busy and getting busier with my job and my small room is always a mess! And the most important thing is, I don’t like to shop those stuffs! Yay…! Hahah. Glad to hear that? Okay, thank you, and now just leave me alone to live my own life in peace! Besides, there are many things to worry about in this world, such as financial problems, poverty in poor country, global warming, healthcare and services, etc. instead to think about fashion, getting prettier, etc. There are many people in this world who are thinking how to survive and live their lives right now!

I get confused cuz I actually have analyzed the sentence: You’re so beautiful… So, change your style and become a truly lady.  Oh, come on, it means I’m beautiful, but then why do I should change my style? Is beautiful = fashionable or… WHAT? I mean, when you are indeed have “beautiful/handsome/attractive/whatever” genepool in your DNA or body, it doesn’t mean you have to wear beautiful/expensive/luxurious/whatever clothes/shoes/accessories/whatever, rite? I mean, look at Avril Lavigne for example, she is indeed so beautiful, even in her punk-tomboy outfits! Or Pink in her buffy/muscular body with rocker outfits! And you know what? The term “beautiful” is actually unisex now.  It can use to describe female and also male. You can say Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance’s frontman and vocalist) or even Kris Allen (American Idol 2009 winner) is beautiful.  But, people can not have term “handsome” to describe female. And right now the term actually has meaning “beautiful is dare and proud for being just the way you are”. And, btw, ya know, I told u before that I always have a thing to sporty/rock/punk guys… Guys who think that girls have to have something kick-ass and not only just a pretty face. So, just stop pretending like you care while you don’t.

And, so, who are u all to judge me? My personal stylist or Ivan Gunawan or what? And why do female have to wear female fashion and can’t wear unisex fashion? Are we, female, just a property or what? Why do we have to wear something that is caused because of male’s control? I know, we, female, don’t have penis. But, we are also HUMAN! We are not perfect, we have choices and decisions, and why do society in our development country always demanded a very perfect female image while society itself can not give it back? I mean, they are too many demands than to give back. Too many sacrifices/gives than takes from female. Is this some kind of declaration that male are zombies or vampires and female only their properties or stocks or what?


~ by Rizki on February 12, 2010.

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