The Answer of the Previous Post

I missed singing. I mean, really, singing, literally, with vocal technique. I was in choir and vocal group at my junior high until high school. And I had a band when I was in the university and became the vocalist.

So, if you were curious about what I have written in my previous post, well, the answer is… I joined Indonesian Idol 2010 audition in Sabuga, Bandung! And… Well, I didn’t pass the audition, of course. And, yes, I had never expected to pass the audition even before (in fact, I was actually worried if I would pass the audition. I mean, I don’t think I would quit from my job!). I only missed singing. I wanted to sing. And I wanted to expand my life experience. I sung with no pressure at all in the audition. I only knew that I love to sing. And I almost forgot what it felt. I almost forgot that I can express myself and my emotions through singing cuz I’m actually not a spontaneous or an expressive person.

I actually prepared “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Nuansa Bening” songs in my own rehearsal. Then, in audition I had to sing Indonesian song only, so I sung “Nuansa Bening”. I started get in the line at 8 am, and got my turn to perform in front of the judge at 3 pm.

And I’m glad I did it. 🙂

And… I think I’m kinda addicted to auditions or singing contests now. I almost forgot that I really love singing! And I feel happy and joy when I’m doing it. Okay, the next destination is… Indonesia’s Got Talent!

P.S. : And I’ve got the picture of Daniel (former VJ MTV Indonesia) as the host of Indonesian Idol 2010 audition! ^^

He appeared in the lines when the shoot for TV was taken. ^ ^


~ by Rizki on February 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Answer of the Previous Post”

  1. you really met him… i guess you’re happy…


  2. Hahah… ^^

  3. Just Haha??
    You should very happy…

    I Can’t go there, b’coz my Study…

    Although I knw I’ve a Talent, hahhaha… LOL

  4. Okay, I’m so happy indeed. It was a brand new experience. You should try it next time when you still have a chance to do it.
    Anyway, thanx to add my FB. See ya there 🙂

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