Think for A While

I think life is not always about making choices or decisions. How about if you don’t have any choices because you have to sacrifice for the sake of close people or significant others whom you love? Or is to sacrifice for them also a choice or decision? While none will do it but yourself? Only your own self…?

But, I think life is sometimes about taking risk. Sometimes you have to become a risk-taker… Get out from the comfort zone or daily routines and try something new that makes you feel happy when you’re doing it. Ignore what people say and ignore for a while the result or consequences. You only know that what you will do is what will make you happy and something that can make you feel you become just the way you are.

I think we should not waste our youth time to stay in the status quo. We should try something when we think and feel we wanna try it. We have to expand our mind and life experience.

I think I wanna try it. I have to do this. I’m only happy when I do this and I feel become who I am when I do this thing.

I think I should back to this old habit and prepare myself to do something big.

I think I should stop thinking and start to take the risk or I will regret it!

Wish me luck!


~ by Rizki on January 28, 2010.

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