Werewolves Pack in The Twilight Saga: New Moon


Nonton juga akhirnya… Demi berjumpa dengan temen2 werewolves. Nontonnya juga mendadak. Berangkat Minggu sore n gak kepikiran tentang antrian tiket, well, untungnya memang gak perlu antri. Hahah… Cukup sepi. Dapet tiket buat sesi yg setelah maghrib. Heheh… Okay, my opinion is: visual effects = checked. Vampire Victoria (portrayed by Rachelle Lefevre) = checked. Dakota Fanning (as Jane) = checked. Werevolves pack = superb checked (hahah!). Well, you know, as I wrote on my 100 Things About Me page, I’d prefer werewolves than vampires. And I’m obsessed with werewolves!

Selain dari faktor/poin yg kusebut tadi… Well, it seems like usual-teenage-classic drama movie. And the movie have too many new characters that can make you confuse if you don’t read the books first. And you know what, I don’t read the books (hahahah!). But, what makes me wanted to watch this movie is because of those points I checked.

I actually browsed on the internet about the werewolves pack. And, well, look at those guys! It’s like bringing up the fresh wind among the pale-skinned vampires! And for Taylor Lautner (as Jacob Black), it’s actually not good for him to build up his bulky muscles while he was still 16 (now is 17) years old! The rest of all, Alex Meraz (as Paul) and Kiowa Gordon (as Embry Call) are really catching my eyes.

[from left to right: ] Alex Meraz as Paul, Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call, Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, and Bronson Pelletier as Jared.

Alex Meraz (as Paul)-Kiowa Gordon (as Embry Call)-Chaske Spencer (as Sam Uley)





(Woo-hoo! I luv their sense of fashion! And I like to see guys in leather jacket! Cadas tapi berkelas! Ahahah!)

And, oh btw, FYI. OMG, Alex Meraz is a year younger than me but he looks very mature (even in his casual outfits)! He is a Native American/Indian (of course, of Native Mexican Aboriginal Purepecha/Tarasco descents, correct me if I’m wrong… Heheh), a dancer n martial artist n he does capoeira (no wonder… You know, considering his posture/figure). He’s married to his Vietnamese-American wife, Kim, a dancer, and they have a kid named Somak Meraz. And baru nyadar kalo dia juga maen di The New World (2005) sebagai salah satu prajurit Native American/Indian (iyalah… Hahah, ini kisah tentang Pocahontas n John Smith) bareng Christian Bale, Collin Ferrell, n Q’orianka Kilcher.

Heheh, maafkan kalo postingan ini bukan sinopsis pilem. This is not a movie review karena dari awal emang cuma ingin membahas werewolves pack saja. I’m not a fan of Twilight. I don’t read the books. I watch the 2 movies just because the saga is blockbuster and almost everyone watch them. And… The reason I watched New Moon is because the werewolves, Dakota Fanning, n vampire Victoria (btw, it’s sad that in Eclipse Rachelle Lefevre will be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard!). In the real life itself, I would not be attracted by a pale-cold-guy like Edward Cullen (whether he is a vampire or not!). Okay, I know, I admit that he is probably the most perfect n handsome guy in the world (hueks… Muntah *puke*). But perfection is boring (and rebelious is fun! Ahahah!). I think I’d be running into arms of a warm-athletic-guy like Jacob Black (but, like Bella, I also have a little problem about younger guy. Well, but, as long as he is more mature than me, like Alex Meraz, I think I can consider it. Hahah!). LOL.

Well, the shoot for Eclipse is already wrapped. And right now, Breaking Dawn casting is opened. Interested? (Well, is there any role for another female werewolf beside Leah Clearwater? Heheh…)


~ by Rizki on December 7, 2009.

12 Responses to “Werewolves Pack in The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

  1. well,thanx to mrs. Stephanie Meyer the native Americans have their attention this year..and correction they’re not werewolves but shape-shifter,at least that’s what mrs.meyer said. Emang sih gak enak kalo pny co lbh muda,tapi kalo udah lbh dari seabad ngeri juga hahaha(Edward is 109 years old in the movie)

  2. Excellent article, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favorites.

  3. Thanx for ur attentions n comments… 🙂

  4. “In the real life itself, I would not be attracted by a pale-cold-guy like Edward Cullen (whether he is a vampire or not!). Okay, I know, I admit that he is probably the most perfect n handsome guy in the world (hueks… Muntah *puke*). But perfection is boring (and rebelious is fun! Ahahah!).”

    Well, if you read the book, Edward is not perfect..He has a rough years (correction, decades!!) and rebellion time (a time when he feeds on human blood), I guess that what makes he is now in Twilight Saga (or at least that’s what Mrs. Meyer said hahaha).
    Just so you know,sis 😀

  5. But, still, Edward is described as the coolest n most handsome guy in the world… It sounds like he is an angel or saint or even a prince charming who knows how to treat a lady or something like that… which sounds cliche… and which makes this saga movie doesn’t counted to become a nominee for Golden Globe or even Oscar. It would only gets victory in MTV or Teen Choice Awards.
    Just so you know, Sis 😀

  6. kiowa sacate la gorra se te ve orrible pelo suelto queda mejor

  7. alex meraz is suchaa Hotiee! i love him to death. Hes wayy better than Robert Pattinson and Taylor whats his Face(: well thats my opoin. not yours.(:

  8. Yep. I Agree. Alex Meraz is way better than Rob and Taylor (:

  9. so do i. alex is a good friend of mine, and he comes over and says that he wishes more people will see him

  10. my tribe is so lucky to have these famous people rersenting us too

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  12. I think Embry call is so sexy man in the world better then all the wolf packs

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