Pissed Off (Again)!

HAHAH. Don’t mind about the title, just didn’t know what exactly the fit title for this post. It’s not about something important, I just wanna write something.

Okay, I have Deviantart account now. I’ve been focusing to my artistic hobbies. I draw characters from my fantasy novel and I figure out that it also makes me to focus to edit it. So mutual. Plus, I’m going to make the characters and edit the story itself to become a little more punk.

I’m actually not the person who trying hard to be different. But I AM different. Or at least, I feel (and think) I am different. I don’t like to follow the mainstreams. I don’t believe that you should change your style for someone or some people. I believe that you should be who you are or stay as the way you are so that someone or some people recognize you as well as you are. I wear what I want, when I want. Hahah, I’m a bit rebel, aren’t I? Anyway, I don’t wanna change myself to be loved by someone. I want someone loves me because of who I am.

And… I’m falling in love to Sam Worthington! HAHAH. I’m hunting for his movies… Previous movies, of course, before he worked in Terminator: Salvation. And, btw, I DESPERATELY want to watch Macbeth (2006), Shakespeare’s play adaptation, but in this version the genre is action-thriller-drama, with dark atmosphere as Underworld installments, and the set is in modern world of Australia. Worthington portrayed Macbeth. You won’t found horses or sword fightings in this movie. They are replaced with dirt bikes and guns. Probably it’s quite similar with Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet (1996) concept, but with different atmospheres and no colourful styles in it. It feels so metal or almost gothic.

Macbeth (2006)

Can anyone help me to found this movie? I’ve been browsing in many websites. But, damn, I don’t have any credit card or visa (hahah) to have accesses to download it.

mood      : neutral

listen to  : Paramore – When It Rains


~ by Rizki on June 11, 2009.

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