Uffh… Since this dawn I’ve been sneezing… Gara-gara kehujanan saat pulang kerja kemarin. Haakh… Need to increase my C vitamin dose for these mornings. I feel a bit dizzy too…

Anyway, I’ve told you in my 100 Things About Me that I interest to art and designs, rite? I used to draw comics and mangas when I was in high school and college, and I’ve ever studied visual design for one semester before I moved to social science in government university. Actually, one silly thing that made me leave the art school (beside the expensive fee) was… Don’t laugh or judge, please… Photography.

It’s because we had to use conventional SLR camera and I had to spent a lot of money to pass those credits. I hated it. I came from a mid-economy family. We’re not rich family. And, in fact, now, after my father’s death, the situation is getting harder for us. I need to work hard while my lil sis is just attending college in management major since last year. Plus, my hometown is a very small town. The simplicity information facilities and access are unavailable there.

Now, I almost forgot my art and designs hobbies… Because I right now more focus to my job and writing. I have no time to draw… except just a simple sketches… And it’s so rarely though. But, I need to achieve… Miss it so much.

But, nowadays I concern to art photography using digital SLR camera or DSLR. I actually have been capturing many people and stuffs using my cellphone camera. And I like to show their emotions from the portraits. And it feels like drawing. In theory, capturing is similar with drawing using camera, rite? And it is faster, we can see the result (IF using digital) just in some seconds. I’ve even ever heard this sentence: The lens tells more than the pen.

Well, I concern to people and emotive portraits. And some fashions perhaps. Emo fashions with their emotive expressions. It sounds cool. I should join Deviantart. And I will saving my financial to buy DSLR camera. Damn, it’s almost become my new obsession! Well, perhaps I could make it as a business too later. It sounds interesting…

Wish me luck! 😛

Have a nice day.


mood       :  excited

listen to  :  30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill


~ by Rizki on May 6, 2009.

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