At First Sight

Today is Monday, but it feels so bright and rather joyful, I think. I’m feeling so damn well, but a bit confused. Actually, it’s because of yesterday. Well… I met someone. I don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me either.

Err, firstly, I wanna ask you, Readers. Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, if you wanna know my answer, I’d answer NO, because it’s such a bullshit. But, now I’m actually confused. I told you before that I’m a rational person, I don’t think there is a coincidence in this life. For me, everything has plans. But what is the meaning if you met someone at some place yesterday, when both of your eyes met for some seconds and then you feel something sparkling in your heart until now? Damn it, I hate when I feel like this… (*sigh*) I really really need your comments…!

I terribly suck in romantic stuffs. And when I through it I really don’t know what to do. Okay, here is the chronology…

I went to Padang canteen near my living place for my and my lil sis’ lunch. Well, I’m a casual person, I wore gray hoody sweatshirt, jeans, and sandals (and my headscarf, of course) and my black-emo handbands. I walked to my destination alone. Well, when I was almost near the canteen, I saw a guy sat beside his motorbike looked at me. Actually, he looked at me GENTLY in the EYE. Our eyes met for some seconds before I looked somewhere else because I was getting nervous. Then, I came in to the canteen and ordered my meal.

And suddenly, that guy came in too. He was getting closer to an old (not really old, actually) woman who was ordering meals. I looked at them a while and what I was thinking in my head was that I think they are mother and son. They are look alike each other. They were in 45 degrees angle in front of me. And while I was ordering my meals I felt he was looking at me. So, I reply him and our eyes met again for the second time… for a longer duration. About 10 seconds probably. I wasn’t feel nervous. I felt kinda… sober, I think, but I felt something strange in my heart. Probably he did too, because we were stunning at the same time. You know, I’m usually cold to unknown guys who are staring at me in public places. But I don’t think he was staring at me. He was looking at me right in the eye softly. And I was damn confused.

Then we looked at somewhere else at the same time either. Well, that guy is cute and slim-athletic. He wore sporty-casuals… Green T-Shirt, shorts, rather messed-up medium hair, sandals, and the same black-emo handbands as mine! Okay, what I damn regret is… I left that place then, without knowing anything about him (*sigh*).

Love sucks. Love at first sight is even sucker. Love someone without knowing anything about him/her is even suckerer! But I’m also scared… What if he was a bad person? Or a criminal of serial killer? He is still a stranger for me after all. I don’t talk to strangers and we can not trust strangers, can we? But how do I know that what I feel now is love? I don’t know anything about him at all. We can love someone if we know him/her, rite? Or I false? If it’s not love then what is it? Lust? I don’t think I’m thinking of him for something…  what is it… err… Parental Advisory or whatever. I still remember his face, mostly his dark-soft-eyes, in my mind. And when I looked at his eyes I feel like I’ve finally  realized that there’s a part of my life that lost and I found it inside of him. It feels like I met my own twin brother finally (in fact, I don’t have a brother at all!)… Or stood in front of a mirror and I looked at my own reflection in a guy version (I’m trying not to use hiperbolic words, okay?). And this is the first time I feel like this, this is the first time I interested to a guy when he is in his messed-up appearance (he actually looked like had just woke up after a nap or something… Heheh… Awesome, I think).

Now, I can only pray to God to letting me meet him again someday, sooner, if he is really my soulmate. If he’s not, just away him from me and my life. To that guy somewhere out there, if you read this blog… Please, add my Facebook! (hahah… :P)

Have a nice day.


mood      : Joy-Confused

listen to : The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Damn Regret


~ by Rizki on April 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “At First Sight”

  1. I keep trying not to smile…. bwihihihihi………
    actually, I don’t know what to say… hmm… I would say…”finally”? hehehe…. 😀
    Pandangan Pertama.. jd inget lagunya A. Rafiq… wakakaka…. tapi ga tau jg ya apakah sebuah perasaan pertama bertemu bisa dikatakan “cinta”? menurut sayah mah.. probably you just feel “attracted” to that “gentle emo guy”… huehehehe…. but that’s normal, honey.. 😀
    A lot of people were experienced that also. If you two are meant for each other, someday, you’ll gonna meet him again… If not, well, just assume you’ve met the guy of your dream… wekekekek… :sotoymodeON:

    hmm…. bukan kyk Savage Garden kan…? I knew I love you before I met you…? bwihihihi… 😛

  2. if ure thinkin tahat u REALLY have somthin spcial with him….. U better have some evidence to make it clear & certain…. otherwise u better continue ur life & learn from this, for ur better future.

  3. @Teh Vika
    He’s not really an emo guy and not really macho-athletic actually. But, he has part of both, ya know what I mean? He looks like a girl… probably androgyny guy, but not really androgyny… same as me gtu deh… Hueheheh… 😛

    @Doc MJ
    Thanx for drop a comment and advice… 🙂

  4. hem…I don’t know what to say ’cause I’m not that ‘love at the first sight’, so I think that path is out from my way…but, still I wish what’s best for you, sis….just be patient, just like Edward Cullen who wait nearly a century until he met Bella Swan bwahahahaha…:))

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