Pissed Off…

I don’t know exactly why I feel so pissed off in these two days… Was it something I eat? Or drink? FYI, I only drink mineral water (and teas and some re-hydration waters) and I eat healthy food. And I did workouts. Oh, I think I know, probably because of viruses in my computer in the office. Or something big… because I’m one of the victims of unlucky people who live in the development country… Hahahah.

I don’t think I trust luck. All I know is just working hard. If you wanna reach something, you have to work hard. Probably, I’m a type of person who rarely to grateful to God. Well, I often think if we always grateful and more grateful, when do we have to fight and work hard? Sometimes I think we can survive in this world because of our egos. In my almost 25 years of life, honestly, I’ve never done something ‘out of rail’… I had always been a nice girl, obedient, diligent, calm and quiet. But, what have I got? People often take advantages from me. Then, after that, they just go away. And then, all I know is, I’m all alone.

Now, I notice that sometimes become rebel and break some rules are very exciting. I don’t wanna be a truly nice girl anymore. I’m sick of it.

Well, at least, there’s something that brightened up my heart. I’ve got 2 free tickets to Purwacaraka Orchestra event. I think I would go with my lil sis. Music event and orchestra always make me excited. And, btw, I think I would hunting for some films, like Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader… They won Oscars.

Have a nice day.


~ by Rizki on March 3, 2009.

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