More To Life

And it really doesn’t matter if we don’t eat
And it really doesn’t matter if we never sleep
And it really doesn’t matter
Really doesn’t matter at all

(So Young by The Corrs)

Suddenly I’m thinking about life. My young life. I have many plans and goals. I wanna publish my novel for the first time this year (wish me luck! I scheduled that my new simple novel would be finished on April). I’ve planned about my another project, a small business. I think I like to work and do workouts (oh, btw, doing push-ups and sit-ups in the morning keep my mind and body fit all day. I think I should do it more often. Everyday). Many things would happen. It’s like adventures. Go places, meet people, and some stuffs.

I don’t know if a ‘hardworker’ title would fit on me, but I guess it does. Well, eventhough sometimes I’m lazy… like, a real lazy, ya know what I mean? I think I have got many advantages in working at my office, though sometimes it’s boring… because… ya know, going in the same way and same place everyday, sit in front of computer, work, break and lunch, then sit in front of computer again. Then go home. Almost everyday. Well, five days a week.

Probably internet is the biggest invention ever. I’ve been stolen some times to do research for my novel when I’m working at my office, I’ve been inspired by many things and many people from many blogs. Included inspired by many songs and videos that I’ve downloaded through it, heheh. Btw, I don’t see life as human should through it as other creatures that live on earth do. Born, grow up, reproduce, gave birth, growing up their children, getting old, then die. No. There is more to life. Something to live for. Something that you’re not only live to die and your story left untold. Well, I’m not saying about being famous. I’m saying about goals, aspirations, dreams, ambitions, educations, adventures, you name it. Probably money also does make sense. I respect money. Well, that’s why I’m working on it, aren’t I? Hahah…

Btw, I wonder why there are many blogvisitors or blogwalkers who search about My Chemical Romance (especially about Gerard Way and his wife, Lyn-Z. Is it a hot topic?) and Avenged Sevenfold and gave their time to visit here (I knew it from my blog statistic). Well, I just wanna say hope it would help you to get the infos you want. But I hope I could know what you are thinking when you read them. That’s why I need some comments, rite? 😉

Well, I just wanted to write something and keep updating this blog. Hope it would be useful.

Have a nice day.



~ by Rizki on February 26, 2009.

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