HAHAH. After 2 previous-so-emo-posts that I’ve written, many friends worry about my mood condition. Well, I’m not okay (I promise)… heheh, no, that’s just My Chemical Romance’s song. Btw, I’ve watched their new video Desolation Row as an original soundtrack for Watchmen movie! WOW. So emo-punk. They left their emo-goth aura and changed it into emo-punk. Way to go, MCR! Anyway, Desolation Row is actually an original song written and sung by Bob Dylan.

Well, in a short sentence: I’m fine. I was just having a bad mood, that’s all. So I think I need to make a clarification to clear things about what I’ve written.

I’m a thinker and an author. So, if I had a really bad mood, I always think desperately in philosophical ways. Some people often don’t understand about my frame of thoughts. It’s okay. I don’t think I would force you to understand about all what is inside my head. I think I’m a visioner. I’m thinking independently, probably that’s why I rarely get along with people.

I’m a rational person, I think. I feel that I’m more mature than any young ladies that you have ever met, in a logical way. I don’t do girly things, I don’t go shop for make-up or clothes or hi-heels. I wear T-shirts and hoody sweatshirt, or jeans. And I wear sneakers. People often misguess me as a casual-sporty college girl because of what I wear. But I often have almost-40-year-old thoughts in my head. That’s why I recognize myself as complicated inside but simple outside.

My male friends often chat with me and need advices for their problems about their friends or even girlfirends. And most of them said that they claim me as their best friend or sister… never for become their girlfriend or date girl, heheh. Probably because I’m too wise (and androgyny) for a girl? Then, I think I’d need someone who wiser than I am.

Yes, I’m afraid of death, it’s true. A reason that makes me do a healthy life and makes me wanna invest my financial to get life and health insurances. I also wanna be a productive author in teen/fantasy book genres. And probably I would have a business and other projects in some years later. I just don’t want this body I’m living in to become old and useless. Talk less do more! Wish me luck!

I have many goals and aspirations, and they are what is making me a hardworker and what is keeping me alive.

I’d prefer for being single but happy than having a partner who fetter me. Relationship or commitment is complicated. Always has been. It needs mutual understanding. I always think twice or even hundred times or more before I agree to have a commitment with someone.

And… Oh, I have Facebook account now. 😉


~ by Rizki on February 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. hi…
    baru mampir ni ke blog kmu…
    sy senior kmu dulu di ungpad…nice blog u got here…
    tulisan yg bagus soal emo..walopun terkesan “mentah” pemaparan nya…
    speaking bout emo’,i think best band represent “what so called emo” is Dashboard Confessional and deftones…
    band yg lain terdengar terlalu “cheezy” dan basi…
    have u ever heard the term “straight edge”?
    dia menawarkan konsep “hidup” yg lebih positif..
    pernah denger “minor threat”? u should check them out…
    oia,di US sana juga lagi rame yg namanya moslem hardcore…
    pernah denger At-thawra?wah mantep tuh….

  2. Thanx for the infos, Bung Andri seniorku…
    Gw emng dah berencana bakal nulis postingan tentang straight edge neh… Lagi ngumpulin referensi dulu biar manthepz… Heheh… Tunggu aja ye…
    Yukz ah…

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