I’ve Got A Tag!

I’ve got a tag from my lil sis, Kucha (aargh… why me…?! My job is getting worst…! Heheh…). Ok, di sela-sela kerjaan yg numpuk, gw bela-belain buat nge-post neh tag deh…

The rules are simple. Use Google image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

Tapi gw gak tau harus nge-tag siapa lagi. Jadi untuk sementara ini gw tag 2 orang dulu aja ye. Ready…? Fasten your seatbelt…!

The Age of Next Birthday


Twenty five. Gak nyangka gw dah setua ini… Hahhah! But people often misguessed me as a high school student or college girl loh…! Bangga gw punya cute-babyface… heheh…!

Place I’d Like to Travel

South Island - NZNew Zealand. Because of its beautiful and epical sceneries! I wanna visit The Lord of The Rings trilogy sets!

A Favourite Place


Public garden. Because it’s a very inspirational place to write something! Unfortunately, di Bandung sendiri gak ada yg seindah dan seasri taman yg terpampang di foto tsb (apalagi di kampung halaman… heuu).

A Favourite Food


Healthy salad! Agak susah menemukannya dan sudah pasti mahal harganya, tapi sehat. Karena nge-kos, kalo mau bikin sendiri agak repot. Kalo ice cream and other yummy desserts masih lebih mudah menemukannya. Gara-gara pernah sakit dan bermasalah dengan lambung dan tenggorokan, I have problem with some unhealthy foods!

A Favourite Thing


Emo or emotive hardcore. Bingung juga neh… saat ini sih lg suka tren emo and all cool sober emo stuffs, especially the style and music…

A City I Was Born


Yeah… Jakarta. I left it when I was 8.

Nickname I Had


Kiki. Sepertinya image yg paling aman yg muncul di Google search ini neh… anime Kiki’s Delivery Service. Yg laennya… agak Parental Advisory… heheh…

A Favourite Colour

Product Photography

Black. It’s dark, cool, and elegant. Both casual and formal.

College Major


Information and Library Science. I’m not a geek librarian (err… just a freak…?). Just imagine a casual-sporty-emo style librarian with emo-punk-rock-hardcore music! Heheh…

Name of My Love


Geeesh… I had a secret love and it seems rather hard to forgotten until now (yeah… I’m so emo). I won’t tell you his name. I’d prefer to tell you Fernando Torres name in here… ahahah!

A Hobby


Writing. The only thing that makes me feel the freedom!

A Bad Habbit


Emo = moody. Or I’ll call it emo moody. Dunno ini termasuk bad habit or ga, tapi kalo dah begini, semua orang di sekeliling bakal gak gw gubris seharian sementara gw asik drowning in my dark and sorrow world to write, or listen to or play emo-punk-rock music (with guitar and loudly sing), or contemplate, or even sleep with my depressed dream. I’d even hard to smile. Life sucks. Yeah, I know… I’m a freak! Btw, dunno who’s the guy in the picture… but, he’s kinda cute… heheh… jadilah gw men-download gambar ini aja deh.

My Wishlist


Ga mau munafik deh… I wanna become rich! Sebenernya ingin jawab healthy life, but healthy lifestyle also needs money and often expensive! Klo punya uang gw bisa punya kolam renang, private fitness tools (hahah…!), sporty accessories, and so on. Tp gw bukan cw materialistis loh. Ada perbedaan antara materialistis dengan realistis. Besides, I wanna become rich because of my successful life or kristalisasi keringat (Tukul bgt ye… heheh!). So, it would be a result or compensation from my hardworks as a librarian and (hopefully) best-selling author someday. I’ve planed to write at least a book in every a year. Wish me luck!

And last, tag ini gw teruskan pada:

Teh Vika


~ by Rizki on January 23, 2009.

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    ainda vooh mi kasaa com elle.*-*

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