The Road Is Not Long Enough To Go Through

Let’s walk
Don’t be afraid.
I’m here, by your side

I’m with you
I’ll never far from you,
To guide your way

To go to the place where you should be

It’s a beautiful place, trust me
Where the windflower blows
Without agony, only an eternal peace
Without sad song, only beautiful angelic voices

Come with me,
We almost got there,
To our journey’s end.
Without tiredness at all.
At all.
And the road is not long enough to go through anymore…

Bandung, kamar kos, inspired by The Ghost of You (My Chemical Romance, album Three Cheers for
Sweet Revenge
, 2004)

July 13, 2008 (re-written from my old blog)


~ by Rizki on January 19, 2009.

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