I’m Sorta Emo!

Hahah… I took a quiz at this site. “Are You Emo? Quiz”!. And the result is

You are sorta emo. You listen to Radiohead and enjoy their eclectic sound, but haven’t pushed past into the underground indie subculture. The closest to emo attire that you own is maybe a few band t-shirts and tight jeans.


Well, yeah, I wear black skinny jeans and black jacket and black-white stripes belt.  Hahah… and I like to wear dark T-Shirts with my casual sneakers.

Btw, there are some emo pics that I found from Google…




findingemoHahah… ^ ^

For me, emo is a music genre, many miserable scenes of my life, way of thoughts, colours and fashion. It’s different from punk as we know that punk is more chaotic and wild. It’s almost Gothic, but Gothic is darker and colder than emo. Emo is neat, emotional, sensitive, and dark but elegant. And just remember, don’t relate it to suicide attempting or even to cut your wrist. Be smart, ok!



~ by Rizki on January 14, 2009.

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