Gossip Girl Best Episode Ever

I’ve just watched the 13th episode of 2nd season Gossip Girl. Just wanna say that… I think it’s the best episode ever for me. The focus is in Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick) who has lost his father. I like the funeral scene… with those black coats and outfits… elegant, but dark (is there any coincidence because of this is the 13th episode?). It reminds me of My Chemical Romance’s video, Helena. I dunno, after my father’s death… I always interest with funeral scenes in the films or movies or music videos, though I’d be scared to death to attend some funerals ever since. Sounds like a paranoid or trauma, eh? Or even probably death-possessed…?

Well, somehow, Ed Westwick’s acting as Chuck Bass, has been caught my eye. I can’t imagine if that character was played by the other actors. And, of course, it makes me to give more attentions to Chuck Bass. He is my favourite character… ya know, because of his selfish but loyal personality. And in this my best episode ever, he looks very fragile… and you can see it clearly in his eyes. The dark episode of Gossip Girl. And oh, btw, I definitely agree with Chuck and Blair as a couple… come on, GG crews… make them both unite…!

But,  actually I didn’t watch all the episodes of GG completely. I started to gave attentions to season 2. Anyway, enjoy some of GG pics below…






~ by Rizki on December 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Gossip Girl Best Episode Ever”

  1. (= i love Ed Westwick! Hes a badboy that is really vunerable on the inside. In the book Gossip Girl they didnt make him stand out as much. In the show they make him the cutest guy & hes part of the cutest couple. HIM & BLAIR BELONG TOGETHER.!

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