Self-Respect and Speak Your Mind

Some of my friends know and I know myself that I’m a little bit feminist. I often concern about gender issues, domestic violence, polygamy, women’s brain, and so on. When I read or found some of those issues and women are always tersudut (apa ya English nya…? Being cornered?)… Gosh, those are pain in the a**. Bahkan, ada salah satu episode reality show yg tayang di salah satu stasiun TV swasta kita (menempati urutan ke-2 untuk acara TV terbaik di Indonesia) yg… sumpeh, bikin gw pengen ngelempar jauh kayak orang buang sampah dan ngebanting jatuh sampe remuk pria yg menjadi target pencarian klien di acara tersebut. Pas nonton episode itu gw sampe nendang dan mukul tembok kamar gw dan hampir aja gw mau ngelempar botol minum gw ke monitor TV (monitor komputer sebenernya) kalo ga langsung dicegah adik gw. Kalo gw dibiarkan begitu aja ma adik gw, bisa-bisa tuh rumah kosan ancur deh. Btw, gw mau aja disewa ama tiga wanita yang telah dikhianati oleh pria itu buat gebukin pria itu sampe m@#$*s… bahkan, ga dibayar jg gpp. Kick his a**? I’d love to. Heheh… sorry, sorry, adrenaline rush neh.

Hahah… probably because I’m androgyny, I often fought boys when I was a kid, blind in girls’ fashion (I feel more comfort in casual-sporty clothes with sneakers), and my father had treated me and my sisters as warriors, not as princesses, probably because there is no sons in our family. Btw, I’ve just found an article about R. A. Kartini in Wikipedia. She is an Indonesian feminist and also can be categorised as Moslem feminist. The other Moslem feminists that I know are Fatima Mernissi (Moroccan) and Nawal El Saadawi (Egyptian). Btw, I like these sentence below:

“Kartini also raised questions with the way in which religion provided a justification for men to pursuepolygamy. For Kartini, the suffering of Javanese women reached a pinnacle when the world was reduced to the walls of their houses and they were prepared for a polygamous marriage.”

And about polygamy… is there anything else in men’s minds beside sex, having many wives, and many children when they have so much money? That’s why the most important things for women in this country are education and having financial independently. And I often astonish why men never think that women also have their own type or standard of men they like. Women also have sexual interest and why do always women whom they have to blame for those xxx stuffs?! Btw, I think I’d prefer to never married in my life than to have a polygamous marriage, thank you. Okay, I’ve ever wore headscarf or veil or hijab on my head… it was because I respect myself and to be respected by others. It definitely had no relation with polygamy agreement stuffs.

Sorry for the some unpolite words. I’m not a type of girl yg baik bgt jg sih… jd orang yg baik tuh ada batasannya jg. You have to know that you have to be nice for your own good or for others and if you had to sacrifice yourself… do it just 50 percents, Girlz! The other 50 percents is for your own good. You live in the wild world. Terlalu baik = bego.

Peace for the world.



~ by Rizki on December 16, 2008.

One Response to “Self-Respect and Speak Your Mind”

  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday.
    It’s always useful to read articles from other authors and use a little something from other sites.

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