Meet The Cullens on Twilight


I’ve watched this novel-adaptation movie finally. Well, what more can I say beside that this is a teen-romance-drama with vampire essence? If you expected an action-fantasy-fiction movie like Harry Potter (not to mention that Robert Pattinson is also co-starred in the 4th movie as Cedric Diggory) or Chronicles of Narnia, well, you can not found those aspects in this movie. The only best part for me (with cool action scene) is when The Cullens play baseball and you can listen Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole.

And not like other or usual vampires, Stephenie Meyer’s version is described as gorgeous, beautiful, charming, with sparkling skins when they are under the bright sunshine. It reminds me of or almost similar with Tolkien’s version of Elves. And The Cullens family… well, very funny and almost comical, the other reason why you should watch the movie.


Stephenie Meyer also appeared in the movie as cameo. Just take a good hard look in a cafe scene. And… oh, forget about Robert Pattinson’s British accent as you can clearly notice in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. His American accent in this movie is well enough, I think. Btw, I’m actually curious with the sequel, New Moon. I heard that Victoria’s character would be explored more intense (after James’ death) and you would see her dangerous-deathly-catlike skill. I also read an article which said that even the actress who potrayed Victoria role, Rachelle Lefevre, takes kick-boxing and karate classes to support her character’s skill moves. I think she is my favourite character, heheh.


Okay, that is all that I want to review… Just a short review with my own opinion. I gotta back to work.


~ by Rizki on December 9, 2008.

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