On My Thought Today…

Just found out a nice blog belongs to a wide-open-thoughts of a Moslem girl in Saudi Arabia. I like this post of her. And I like the comments which I will cite one (and only one pharagraph):

“Islam is the best religion, it just has the worst followers, as one great man once said. Ignore the idiots. You only have one worry and that is Allah, the others can rot.”

Ironic terms… and I found many (more) hypocrisies that I’ve never known before in Moslem world. But it is the fact. What humans do in this world. Don’t blame Islam.

I’m still trying to see the truth out there. I like the words which said that, “Religion is the journey never ends. It’s an arrogance when we say that we know everything about our religion. We are not God, are we? We’re just humans, who can rot.”

Peace for the world.



~ by Rizki on November 27, 2008.

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