More Adaptation

OMG, I think I need some sleeps and rests at this weekend. I wrote about I join Aikido recently, rite? I have through about 4 times training and I’m trying to survive at the office. Heheh. Tired? No. Sleepy? Definitely. I’d even prefer Aikido than my job! Hahah. Aikido can reduce my stress. When I feel stress at the office, and if that day was my training day, OMG, the stress had just gone when I was entering the Dojo and trained there. I love the whole techniques… Ukemi, Taiso, Seiza, Shikko stuffs…

Of course, for me as a beginner, those Japanese martial art terms are so unfamiliar. Katate-tori, Shomen, Migi gamae, Hidari gamae… Aaargh, I almost frustrated to remember and spell them! But, I always think that it’s really fun. Every session you train, you will learn new things. Not only two or three, but it could be five until ten new things, or even more. Not only techniques, but also the philosophy. And it’s really intense. It forces me to write and record every new terms in my notebook to study them. Heheh.

I have my sensei as my own partner once. Even in Aikido, our sensei would learn new things when partnering with the beginners. I’ve learned about his wisdom, strength, and of course the techniques. And, he, probably found out the new wisdom, characters, and strength of mine. When he became uke (person who breakfalls) he would breakfall sincerely with smile on his face and said, “Nice!”. And I’ve learned that wisdom. Cool.

I have trained with wooden sword or bokken too. Wow, It was quite intimidating when I hold that wooden thing in my arms at the first time! When the hold technique is not precise, it would feel heavy in your arms!

Anyway, I also wrote about the new concept of this blog in my previous post, rite? My friend who has visit this blog told me that this blog represents my new mind and it tastes more mature. I’ve changed, he said. I think so. Ya know, I used to be “a girl who has hard times to dealing with her own emotion or rage and some pasts” (ya know, after my father’s death). But, I think I have my new way to dealing with them now.

I’ll post again soon.



~ by Rizki on November 21, 2008.

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